One query that our clients ask us frequently! much as in ? Crystallization of  Honey

Crystallization of Honey | Crystallized Honey is Fake/Sugar Mixed ? – Common Myths. General Awareness
Crystallization of Honey | Crystallized Honey is Fake/Sugar Mixed ? – Common Myths. General Awareness

Yes, pure honey does crystallize, is the response! and mostly,only unadulterated honey forms crystals!

However,this does not imply that your honey jar is tainted if it does not crystallize. It might be as simple as the fact that the temperature is warm or that you purchased a jar of acacia honey. 
In case you were unaware, a jar of mustard honey crystallizes in a matter of weeks, whereas a container of acacia honey
may take years to do so. Additionally, there are a hundred other floral sources of honey, such as eucalyptus, clover, and jamun, each of which has a different chance of crystallizing.
Each flower species has a different proportion of glucose to fructose in its nectar, and glucose crystallizes more readily than fructose, Newsome states that “the ratio of glucose to fructose in the nectar of each flower species varies, and glucose crystallizes more readily than fructose.”
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Don’t believe us? Try searching for “crystallization of honey” on Google, and you’ll come up with a ton of articles describing the natural process of honey crystallization and its reasons. 
There are various types of crystallization. Whatever the method of crystallization—the honey solidifying throughout the jar, the bottom crystallizing, the honey having a creamy or firm texture—it never indicates that the honey is tainted. 
To de-crystalise your honey, all you need is the warm water from your kitchen tap and a small bowl:
Let the water run so it gets nice and warm, place your jar of honey in the bowl and add water until it’s about three-quarters up the side of the jar.
Using a teaspoon stir the honey gently and continuously, making sure not to splash water into your jar. You will soon see the crystallising process start to reverse.
Embrace your crystallized honey. It’s the result of a natural process.
We advise you not to worry about the product’s purity when you shop with us!


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