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Online honey Pure honey Raw honey original honey
Katina India's Most Trusted Natural and Pure Honey Brand
Buy 100% pure honey , pure honey
Katina Pure All Natural Raw Honey
Katina Pure All Natural Raw Honey
Online honey Pure honey Raw honey original honey
Online honey Pure honey Raw honey original honey
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Raw Honey Online

Explore Amazing Quality of Raw and Pure Honey Online Starting Just INR249


Best Quality Raw Honey.


Best Quality Infused Honey.


Best Quality 100% Nagin Kashmiri Kesar

Raw and Infused Honey

KATINA’s Best Raw ,Unprocessed and Unheated Honey

Need help in choosing the right Raw Honey?

Need help choosing the right Raw Honey Online ? Our expert team is here to assist you. With extensive knowledge of honey varieties, flavors, and applications, we can guide you in selecting the perfect honey for your taste preferences or specific needs. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance in finding your ideal raw honey match.

Honey Testimonials

Our Customer’s words

Katina honey is absolutely divine! The flavor is rich and delightful, and it complements my morning tea perfectly. I love knowing it’s pure and natural – a true treat for my taste buds. Highly recommend!. 

Preeti Bhatnagar

Interior Designer,Gurugram

Absolutely love this honey! The flavor is exceptional and the quality is evident. It’s become a staple in my kitchen for adding a natural sweetness to my meals and teas. Highly recommend!

Smita Kapoor

Yoga Instructor,Banglore

Katina’s Tulsi honey is a game-changer! The soothing blend of honey and tulsi creates a comforting experience with every spoonful. It’s my go-to remedy for sore throats and a delightful addition to my life. Love the natural health benefits it offers. A must-try for all honey enthusiasts!

Raavi Sarkar


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Want to stay healthy? Shop KATINA's Pure & Unprocessed raw Honey

We are the best seller of 100% Raw and Unprocessed honey.

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