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  • Indulge in the pure essence of nature with our Raw Himalayan Honey, a true treasure harvested from the pristine valleys of the Himalayas.
  • Sourced from the wildflowers that adorn this majestic region, our honey encapsulates the untouched beauty and unmatched quality of this breathtaking landscape.
  • With its exceptional nutritional composition, our Raw Himalayan Honey brims with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants, nourishing your body from the inside out.
  • Boost your immune system with its natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, ensuring a shield against infections and promoting overall wellness.
  • Whether you seek soothing relief for sore throats or desire a restful sleep, our honey’s soothing properties will cocoon you in comfort during cold and flu season and encourage relaxation before bedtime.
  • With every jar, you experience a burst of antioxidant goodness, fighting free radicals, and supporting cellular health to safeguard against chronic ailments.
  • Treat yourself to the purest form of sweetness, as our Raw Himalayan Honey replaces processed sugars as a natural, wholesome sweetener, adding its distinct flavor to your culinary creations.
  • Proudly Make in India Initiative.
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  • Himalayan Honey will Elevate your taste experience with Katina’s Honey, a true gem from the breathtaking heights of the majestic Himalayan mountains.
  • Our premium honey encapsulates the essence of nature’s pristine beauty, offering a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.
  • Sourced from the very heart of the Himalayas, each drop of this golden elixir tells a story of purity and authenticity.
  • Carefully harvested and bottled, our Himalayan Honey retains its natural enzymes and nutrients, ensuring you enjoy not only exquisite taste but also a wealth of health benefits.
  • What sets Katina’s Himalayan Honey apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices.
  • By supporting the health and well-being of our bees, we nurture the delicate balance of the environment.
  • With every spoonful of this honey, you’re not just savoring nature’s bounty – you’re partaking in a journey that cares for the Earth.
  • Indulge guilt-free in the rich amber hue and enchanting aroma of our honey.
  • Whether drizzled over warm pancakes, stirred into your morning tea, or used as a versatile ingredient in culinary creations,
  • Katina’s Himalayan Honey will add a touch of elegance to every dish.
  • The uniqueness of Katina’s Himalayan Honey lies not only in its origins but also in its potential health benefits.
  • Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this can be your daily companion in promoting well-being.
  • Its natural enzymes may aid digestion, while its antibacterial properties might provide added immunity support.
  • Furthermore, Katina’s commitment to quality ensures that you receive a product that reflects the true essence of the Himalayas.
  • Our meticulous harvesting and bottling process guarantees that you experience the full
    spectrum of flavors and benefits that this remarkable region has to offer.
  • Indulge in the rich heritage of the Himalayas with every drizzle and dip.


  • What is Raw Honey
  • Honey that is neither processed nor filtered, is called raw honey. It is in the form that exists in the beehive or as acquired through extraction, straining, or settling without using heat. Simply put, raw honey is honey at its most natural state.
  • Raw Honey and Regular Honey are Same
  • In contrast to conventional honey, which is put through processes like pasteurization, filtration, and occasionally ultrafiltration, raw honey is unfiltered and goes through no processing at all, so it preserves all the vitamins, pollen, enzymes, and nutrients. 
  • What is the self life of the Honey
  • Honey does not lose its potency. Products will be required to have a best before date. This date accounts for potential temperature changes and repeated jar openings that may cause the honey’s color and flavor to deteriorate over time. Honey will still be safe to eat and tasty after this date if it is stored correctly. 
  • How to store Honey
  • It is recommended to keep honey out of direct sunlight and at room temperature. Make sure the lid is securely fastened.(This stops moisture from entering, which may cause the honey’s yeasts to ferment.) 
  • How come the honey appears to have two different layers?
  • Every batch of raw honey experiences this natural crystallization and lightening process. 
  • What causes honey to crystallize? Has it deteriorated? 
  • Your honey is not spoiled, no. In honey, crystallization is a normal process that depends on a number of variables, including the temperature at which it is stored, how much pollen is present, how much moisture is there, etc. 
    Read following article on Honey Crystallization.
  • If honey has crystalized ? What should I Do
  • To soften your honey jar, set it in the sunlight or a warm water bath (warm some water and submerge your jar in it; the optimal water temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius).Honey should not be heated directly. 
  • Can I heat Honey
  • Direct heat should not be applied to honey. The nutritional content of honey can be negatively impacted by boiling it, which also results in the loss of over 200 components, the majority of which are antibacterial. 
  • Why does my current order looks different from my previous order
  • All of our honey is pure and unprocessed, and it reflects the surroundings where the bees are found. The weather will be different at different periods of the year and in different years. As a result, the nearby plants will grow differently and produce different nectars that the bees can gather. Remember that honey is always undergoing changes, so the honey you previously ordered may now be crystallized, runny, or anywhere in between. Therefore, even though you ordered honey from the same batch and type, it can now be more crystallized. The flavor will be slightly impacted by this. 

Storage Recommendation

  • It should be stored in Cool and Dry place and keep away from direct from Sunlight.
  • Ensure the bottle lid is properly/tight closed. (This prevents moisture from getting in, which may allow the yeasts in honey to ferment).


  • Please be aware that although raw honey has incredible health advantages, we do not advise giving it to babies under the age of one. This is because raw and pasteurised honey occasionally contain the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which can lead to newborn botulism. A child’s digestive system is developed enough to eradicate the germs once they have reached the age of one.
  • It is recommended that you consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a known medical condition.
  • Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary. Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use.


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